About Dr. Gardner's Services

Treatment modalities that Dr. Gardner uses

Dr. Gardner uses the following holistic modalities to treat her patients:  chiropractic, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, cold laser therapy, nutrition/food therapy, and pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy.

A chiropractic appointment includes a nail trim, chiropractic adjustment, laser therapy, and recommendations for prevention of subluxations (nutrition, exercise, etc.), all as are appropriate for the individual patient.

An acupuncture/traditional Chinese veterinary medicine appointment includes an acupuncture treatment, selection of appropriate Chinese herbal formulas, laser therapy, and recommendations for nutrition/food therapy, Tui-na/acupressure, and overall wellness, all as are appropriate for the individual patient.

What Dr. Gardner does not do

Dr. Gardner does not provide general veterinary services (conventional Western veterinary medicine) or prescribe any pharmaceutical drugs. Even if a pet owner wants only holistic veterinary care, their pet should still be seen by a general practitioner once or twice a year for preventative care such as a physical examination and routine bloodwork.

Dr. Gardner does not treat emergencies (nor does she see patients on an emergency basis for chiropractic adjustments).

Dr. Gardner does not practice homeopathy or reiki.

Locations served

Dr. Gardner treats patients in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, within 90 minutes of travel time by subway/bus from her home in Long Island City, Queens.

Services are provided by house call (home visit) only.

Please note that Dr. Gardner does not have a clinic or office, so it is not possible to bring your pet to her.

Cost of services

Payment is due at the time of the appointment. Cash, checks, credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), and Apple Pay/Android Pay are accepted. If you have pet insurance, contact the company to find out the details on your policy’s coverage of alternative/complementary medicine for your pet’s diagnosis.

The pricing sheet below can give you an estimate of the cost for an initial appointment and follow-up appointments. The cost of products (herbals, supplements, etc.) is not included. For an exact quote of service costs please email Dr. Gardner at doctor@joannagardnerdvm.com and let her know which treatment(s) you are interested in and your address. The exact address where the patient will be treated is needed to accurately calculate travel time from Dr. Gardner’s home in Long Island City, Queens.

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Packages of multiple follow-up appointments can be pre-purchased at a discount:  3 follow-up appointments at 10% off or 6 follow-up appointments at 20% off. Payment for the entire package is due at the first appointment in the package.

Multiple pet discount:  25% off the total bill if multiple pets are treated at the same appointment.

How many appointments will be needed

Both chiropractic and acupuncture typically begin with a series of 3 or more treatments on a frequent basis, then as the patient responds the interval between treatments is lengthened. The number of treatments needed and the interval between treatments will depend on the condition being treated and patient factors such as age. A longer course of treatment will be needed for chronic diseases. Management of incurable conditions (osteoarthritis, for example) requires on-going treatment. Routine chiropractic adjustments for healthy dogs are recommended at an appropriate interval for their age and risk factors for subluxation. For more specific information please email Dr. Gardner at doctor@joannagardnerdvm.com with your pet’s diagnosis/symptoms, the chronicity of the problem, and the age and general health of your pet.

Appointment length

Dr. Gardner allows generous time for each appointment. This is so the patient can relax, she can explain the diagnosis, treatment options, and other recommendations, and clients can have all their questions answered.

Initial appointments for chiropractic or acupuncture/traditional Chinese veterinary medicine often take 2 or more hours. Follow-up chiropractic appointments typically take 30-60 minutes, while follow-up acupuncture/traditional Chinese veterinary medicine appointments typically take 60-90 minutes.

The client’s attention and assistance will be needed during the entire appointment as Dr. Gardner does not employ a veterinary technician.

Availability and scheduling of appointments

Dr. Gardner does not have set business hours as she sees patients by appointment only. She prefers to schedule appointments between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. on weekdays, but will schedule appointments outside of these times if necessary. Please email Dr. Gardner at doctor@joannagardnerdvm.com to set-up an appointment, and she will reply within one business day. An appointment for a new patient can typically be scheduled within two weeks of contacting Dr. Gardner.